About me

My name is Christoph Benjamin Weber, I'm usually called by my middle name, Benjamin. I'm married and have three children.

I started my professional career in software development after finishing my Computer Science studies at the University of Mannheim, Germany. My first job was in 2010 as a trainee at IMMOLOGIS GmbH, a software consultancy specializing in large-sized real estate companies using SAP software. Later I was hired as a full-time software developer at that same company. In late 2011 we were bought by one of our competitors, Promos consult GmbH & Co. KG, where I'm still employed. Today, I focus on some of our products improving the rental process of our customers and enabling them to work mobile.

Besides my full-time job, where I mostly work with SAP backend technologies, I like tinkering with modern frontend technologies. Currently, I enjoy the React and GraphQL stack the most and have some spare time projects using these technologies, which can be found on Github.


Here's some of the work I've done in recent years. All of them are my spare time projects since these are the ones I can talk about freely. I also have some smaller projects and tutorials, which can be found either here on my blog or on Github.
Of course, I also worked on a lot of different projects and products at my full-time job, please send me an inquiry per mail if you want to learn more about these for some reason.

AndTeam - Estimations (2019)

URL: estimation.andteam.app
Code: GitHub

Screenflow of the estimation process

AndTeam - Estimations allows teams to connect together and estimate their tasks more reliable. It is inspired by the planning poker concepts in agile software development. Every team member should connect to the same session, and give their estimation to each task represented by story points. After everybody picked their estimated number, the cards are revealed and the outliers should be discussed. This is repeated until a consensus is reached. AndTeam - Estimations gives a nice animated frontend to these sessions, and allows product owners to moderate and steer the estimation session.

Used technologies: React for the frontend, WebRTC and WebSockets for communication between the clients.

Balloon Game (2012)

URL: play.wetainment.com/balloon
Code: GitHub

A round of playing balloon

Balloon is an HTML5 Canvas-based game played in the browser. It is best played on mobile devices. The main part was developed during the holidays in 2012, the game was later refined to use service workers for full offline support and sound was added.

The gameplay was inspired by fruit ninja. The player has to catch balloons as they fly towards the sky by touching them. The target audience is preschool children. My children still enjoy to play balloon from time to time, so it was well worth creating it.

Used technologies: Frameworkless frontend, rendered in HTML5-Canvas. Hand-drawn graphics. Web audio is used for generating sound effects during runtime. The game can be played offline thanks to the usage of service workers.

Socsur - German (2008)

URL: www.socsur.de

A poll result chart

Socsur is a platform for creating and sharing simple one question polls. It is my first fullscale web project written during my time at university. Socsur uses a custom made PHP based backend and templating engine for rendering the frontend.

It was possible to register a user, but not necessary. This reduced the friction to create a poll. Also, some people embedded the polls on their own homepage. Due to low time for maintenance and promoting, user interest declined and Socsur was put in a read-only mode.

Used technologies: Custom written PHP backend connected to a MySQL database. Bootstrap powered frontend.