WiD - Cypress e2e testing

Testing morphlog

Tl,dr: Hey, my name is Benjamin and here I write about the things I made during the last week (or more). This mostly involves coding projects in my spare time. Today, let’s talk about morphlog.

So, time for an upgrade, progress has been made. The last ~two weeks I focused on getting the test story up for morphlog. More specificially, adding end to end test using Cypress, another hot tech piece. And after fiddling around some problems, it feels kinda good to have true e2e tests running.

While I was on that, it made sense to also set up CI. I used Travis CI some times in the past, it works great. This time the decision was made for CircleCI, which, well also works great. To be honest, if you are on a hunt for CI, just use one of these, both soild choices. What’s compelling about CircleCI is their usage of Docker, really cool.

A hand reaching towards a cloudy sky.

Clouds for tests in the cloud. Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash.


Like always when using things I’m not too familiar with, I faced some issues. All of them could be solved and where mostly my misusage, but let’s add them regardless.


  • Starting clean server (or mocking server calls)
  • New Cypress API has to be used
  • Cypress can read and write to localStorage, but only in custom commands, not in test files
  • Different port(env) was used on CircleCI for client server than on local env
  • I specified the wrong Prisma endpoint for the tests. Took me way too long to figure out.

The first point was actually made really easy for me. As mentioned in my first WiD post I’m using Prisma for my backend / database layer. They have a free and public development cloud option. Using that as backend during my CI tests means I have a full, real backend without having to set anything special up (like a database). As far as I understood, the data there will be whiped sometime. That’s no problem for my usage, since I seed the expected data during the CI test run in there, and don’t care what happens to them afterwards. It could become problematic if a lot of tests run at the same time. That’s a future problem (if at all).

The other points where things I didn’t grasp right away and hat to find out through trial and error. That’s ok, still fun!

Oh, and I registered morphlog.com!

Published April 11, 2018

Comments, anyone?